Tuesday, December 20, 2011


If you would like to find out who owns a nursing home or supported living facility, click on this website, and enter the name of the nursing home:


Once you are on the screen which shows the owners' names, you can click on their names to see which other nursing homes that person owns.

You can see what deficiencies are identified by state investigators by clicking on "Surveys" on the right hand side of the screen. This will let you know all violations identified by the state, such as poor nursing care, criminal activities at the facility (such as rape), failure to provide appropriate Medicaid information to the residents, etc. You can also see if the nursing home has any public aid (Medicaid) beds by clicking on "Payment Source".

If the name of the ownership has LLC in the name...... you need to go to this website and type in the name of the facility. After you do that, click on "view" and that will give you the name of the owners


If you would like to see the annual financial reports of a nursing home, click on the links below:

Reports for Long Term Care Facilities filed with the department

More information, including assisted living financials, can be found at this link:


We hope this helps you in your search for names of nursing homes owners on your case. We also hope this helps you identify state violations that have occurred at the nursing home.

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