Tuesday, December 20, 2011


If you suspect that your loved one has been financially exploited by a real estate or trust scam during their guardianship proceeding, you can research the facts by utilizing the websites noted below.

To see current assessed values of properties, and to search property addresses to obtain the PIN, please go to this site. By entering the property address, you can find out the PIN number.


After you get the PIN, you can go on this site to see Deed and sales history information. You can also find out Land Trust information on this site. For trust info, click on grantor/grantee tab, and type in the name of the owner and/or trustee. Copies of the information on this site may be downloaded or purchased by mail for $1.50, plus a $1.50 service fee.


You can also see sales information, including sales prices at:


If you are a beneficiary of a land trust that is under the control of a guardian, it is advised that you become aware of your legal rights. Your rights are spelled out in this law:

The 2010 Illinois Code CHAPTER 765 PROPERTY

765 ILCS 405/ Land Trust Beneficial Interest Disclosure Act.


More about land trusts can be found on the website below:


We hope you find this information educational.

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